5 Tips On What’s in For Your Kitchen Renovation This Year

The kitchen is almost certainly where the majority of our time, energy and money goes when it comes to designing a home.

  1. Statement stone benches

White marble and marble-look composite stone is moving over to make way for an edgier, more dramatic look in stone benches – whether it be in the natural form or the engineered variety.

  1. Decorative handles

Handles are essentially kitchen jewellery. A very simple kitchen can be elevated significantly with the use of eye-catching handles for cabinetry.

  1. Detailed island benches

The standard island waterfall bench reigned supreme for many years but the island bench, which is nearly always the centrepiece of the home, is getting some extra attention.

  1. Lavish appliances

In past years, we’ve spent a lot of energy on trying to conceal and streamline our appliances so that as to not give them any limelight. In 2020 you’ll start to notice a shift towards chunkier statement appliances, like large freestanding ovens and butler’s sinks in both classic and contemporary versions.

  1. Coloured cabinetry

You don’t need to look far to notice that the all-white kitchen look is fading

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