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Revive Bathrooms is based in Sydney and offer a large section of quality bathroom accessories Sydney, which are high on design, functionality and quality. Change the whole look and feel of your bathroom for a fraction of a full renovation by changing your fixtures and fittings.

From taps and shower heads, to soap holders, hooks, handles, taps and multi-purpose bath racks. Revive Bathrooms have a range of bathroom accessories in Sydney to suit your bathroom.

Bathroom accessories can reflect your own personal style and lift a tired, dated bathroom, bringing your bathroom back to life to become an inviting place to relax in a hot bath or invigorate yourself with a powerful shower. The Paradise range offers all kinds of styles, from modern, contemporary to classic all in a broad range of price.


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Today’s bathroom accessories offer innovative design made of high quality plastics, stainless steel and chrome, which are built to last. You can choose sparkling, gleaming glass, brushed chrome, single towel rails, stainless steel or classic white plastics, which can transform your bathroom space quickly and easily.We have listed two of our favourite bathroom accessory ranges below, but there are many more to choose from on our website.

Caroma Bath Accessories

Caroma offer the latest in European design and sleek, minimalist accessories in chrome and toughened glass to bring your bathroom bang up to date. Choose a style, which most reflects your personality, and choose a range, which is affordable, stylish and above all functional.

Dorf Bathroom Accessories

Dorf offer a range of functional bathroom accessories Sydney with modern design style. Their range of accessories comes in gold, stainless steel and classic white, which also matches their range of, tap ware to enable you to completely transform the whole look and feel of your bathroom.
Revive Bathrooms offers designs from Caroma, Stylus and Dorf, which have been chosen to offer something for any budding interior designer and individual. The right bathroom accessories can make your bathroom look completely different by using inexpensive bathroom fittings. Small changes mean a big difference.

If you are based in Sydney and want some bathroom design inspiration, hop down to our Kitchen and bathroom showroom, which has 7 custom bathroom settings and a large range of bathroom accessories, along with a team of bathroom renovation professional who are on hand to answer any question you may have. Taps And More (A Division Revive Bathrooms) offers wide range of bathroom accessories online. Contact us if you are looking for quality bathroom accessories Sydney.

Bathroom Lighting

You can choose from an assortment of affordable designs to brighten your bathroom decor.
The four main categories of bathroom lighting include wall lights, ceiling lights, shower lights and mirror lights:

Wall Lights

Wall lights come in a wide range of forms and finishes. For the sheer versatility of function and attractive design, nothing can match a wall sconce on either of your vanity mirrors.

Ceiling Lights

A good overhead ceiling light creates an overall ambience in your bathroom by providing all-around illumination.

Shower Lights

Even the simplest shower lights promise sparkle and enjoyment to your daily shower. Don’t forget to buy the proper dimmer for your shower lights.

Mirror Lights

Mirror lights provide your bathroom mirror with an accent of its own. These lights are perfect for contemporary aesthetics.


Towel Rails and Towel Rings

Towel rails and towel rings are functional as well as decorative elements in your bathroom. Since they are available in a huge variety of styles, you have enough options to pick the ones that match the rest of the fixtures and overall decor. The right placement of towel rails and towel rings makes a splendid visual impact. Install this bathroom accessory so that the towel is easily accessible to people getting out of the shower.

When you install a towel rail or ring on the back of your bathroom door, make certain it’ll not hit the wall when you fully open the door as this can damage the wall. A quick fix for this problem is to screw in a doorstop at the bottom of the door to prevent it from swinging open completely against the wall.

Grab Rails

Grab rails, also known as grab bars, are assistive products that are practical and durable. They are ideal for the safety of the elderly and disabled. You can greatly increase bath safety by installing grab rails or handrails for disabled people in your bathroom. This permanent bathroom fixture provides both stability and confidence.

Grab rails are available in different lengths and different materials such as chrome, stainless steel and plastic. If you have budget constraints, go for chrome rails. Chrome accessories are not only long-lasting but are also easy to clean.


Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom Shelves serve an invaluable purpose inside any bathroom, providing a platform for not only storage but decor as well. Typically positioned above the sink and below the mirror, bathroom shelves are home to bathroom essentials like aftershaves and toothbrushes. Yet despite their somewhat humble purpose, they’re a fantastic instrument for manifesting your bathroom’s full potential.

Shower Niches

A bathroom niche is essentially a nook in the wall where shower or bath products can sit and be tucked away. Shower niches are a possible alternative to a shower shelf and, since they sit back from the wall, they are a very tidy way of storing bathroom soaps and shampoos.

If you want your shower to look more like a spa than a storage place for various shampoo bottles and soaps, then consider installing a shower niche in your bathroom.

A shower niche is a built-in shelf that’s recessed into the wall of the shower to provide storage space for bathroom products. It replaces the need for a caddy hanging from the showerhead, a corner shelf that’s hard to clean, or bottles sitting on the shower floor. It allows you to keep your shower looking clean and organized, and provides a more luxurious appearance.

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