Hamptons Kitchen Design Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen old and outdated and want to upgrade it? Give a new life to your kitchen by integrating the Hamptons style, relaxed and elegant. The Hamptons style inspired by a dazzlingly beautiful place located near New York, a famous getaway spot for the rich and affluent. Reflects a coastal lifestyle, Hamptons style kitchen equally works well in mega cities like Sydney. An example of classic yet informal, modern Hamptons kitchen brings a superb relaxed feel to a style that oozes out perfection and elegance.

The following are the hallmark of the Hamptons kitchen design, which make them an attractive option for both the modern and traditional Sydney home.

  • Filled with light.
  • Spacious to freely move inside.
  • A sense of serenity and comfort.


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Modern Hamptons Style Kitchen – Key Features & Elements

Hampton style kitchen designs feature beautiful architecture, plenty of light, high-quality natural materials and white or wood grain colour palettes. The architecture is an excellent place to start when designing a modern Hamptons kitchen. In old, traditional homes, Hamptons style design best-suited rooms having classic features like pitched ceilings and windows that allowed abundant sunshine to enter in and timber flooring. However, a contemporary or modern Hamptons kitchen must have the following inclusions:

Splashback Material

Modern Hamptons style kitchens will look stunningly beautiful with natural stone or glass kitchen splashbacks or neutral coloured tiles. Besides, white, subtle pastel or marble tiles would look sensational in a herringbone setting.

Benchtop Material

Marble and wooden benchtops will be perfect for creating a classic Hamptons kitchen while engineered quartz stone and granite benchtops will modernise the Hamptons kitchen. If space is not a constraint, then you can also include a kitchen island. At Revive Kitchens, we offer a range of durable and beautiful custom and ready made kitchen benchtops for sale online.

Hamptons Kitchen Cabinetry & Shelving

Shaker-style cabinetry and open shelving are most suited to the Hamptons style kitchen. Cabinetry achieved in a panelled shaker-style kitchen with graceful hooded pulls or doorknobs. At Revive Kitchens, we can help you to build & install custom Hamptons kitchen cabinets under or above the kitchen benchtop, as well as, the island cabinetry and other cupboards in your kitchen.

Black Hardware

If you're opting for an white Hamptons kitchen, then it's vital to create some contrast with your hardware. For example, you can combine hardware such as long black handles for the cupboards; black cup pull handles for the drawers and black knobs for the upper cabinetry. Besides, you can install a black granite sink with matching tapware to lend a modern style to the kitchen, maintaining the black and white kitchen theme.

Cabinetry Finish & Style

Select an all-white cabinetry finish, or choose the natural green finish, which you can combine with open shelving or glass-panel cabinet doors that will bring the outer world inside your kitchen.

Bold & Bright Colours

Pair warm and neutral colours with coastal blues, or use different shades of blue, from baby blue to navy in a layered form all through your kitchen.


The modern Hamptons style kitchen integrated using natural and original textures all through the space that include the sink, kitchen island, handles, timber flooring and appliance finish.

Wall Panelling

Modernise the Hamptons look with the assistance of wall panelling, use it all through, from flooring to ceiling. Panelling the whole wall is a brilliant way to create a well-rounded modern Hamptons style for your home, as it harmonises other style features like wainscoting or white painted wooden kitchen cabinetry.

Pendants Lighting

Copper offers a superb contrasting effect to white, black works well to balance darker cabinetry, while steel offers a contemporary style that is recent. Select the same size pendant light series and install them on the top of your island bench for an impressive look.

Kitchen Sinks

The Hamptons style kitchen design will look perfect with butler’s sink that adds elegance of old-world, functionality and clean lines. Butler’s sinks are available in various styles; traditional butler’s sinks come with deep basins, white having clean lines. If you want to create a unique look that is different from the ordinary ceramic sink, then opt for matte black or copper.

Kitchen Tapware

In the small Hamptons kitchen, traditional style and brushed nickel or chrome or similar tapware finish will look elegant. However, if you want ultra-modern tapware, then keep it simple and opt for a more soft, brushed colour finish.

Kitchen Appliances

Modern kitchen appliances are finished either in stainless steel or bright colours, so they can reduce the charm of a small Hamptons style kitchen if left in open space. It is best to store appliances in cupboards or the butler’s pantry. Besides, integrate range-hood, dishwasher and fridge in a way that seamlessly merges into the surrounding cabinetry.

At Revive Kitchens, we offer an array of kitchen sinks, tapware and kitchen appliances, and other accessories for sale online to suit your new kitchen design or renovation.

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