Wood is one of the most popular materials in building and renovation. Few materials can compete with this product, which is why it continues to be a popular choice with people all over the world. However, you can only experience the true beauty of wood if it is handled correctly. At ReviveKB, we offerexpert commercial joinery in Sydney to bring out the beauty in wood

Custom Joinery

High moisture resistance materials are used in the manufacturing of all custom joinery available at Revive Kitchens & Bathrooms to ensure durability in all types of households. The use of brads and nails has been eliminated by installing a tongue and groove system to assemble robes. The structure, stability and accuracy are improved remarkably by using only screws for the assembling process.

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After the carcasses have been completed, they are connected to each other using a nut and bolt system with plastic cups instead of the standard chipboard screws since this produces a stronger end result. Moreover, our shelves are safer than most others since every shelf of ours which is greater than 750mm in length is safeguarded from sagging, due to the weight of contents, with thick boards of 25mm in comparison to the 16mm boards which other companies use.

None of the hardware is visible when our drawers are opened since they are equipped with under mount concealed runners which close softly, providing a very simple and polished look. Additionally, no screws and nails are exposed since the drawer, too, is put together using the tongue and groove technique. Our onsite steel fabrication facility makes it possible for us to strengthen our cabinets in case someone requires suspended cabinets, wall hung units and concealed shelf fixings along with other cantilevered items. This makes our custom joinery different than others.

Revive Kitchens & Bathrooms, have been able to create relevant and innovative new systems and unique hardware as a result of the research and development which we take pride in. Owing to this, Revive Kitchens & Bathrooms now has exclusive range of LED-lighting, wall panelling mounting brackets, finger-pull channels and extrusions. We are, therefore, not limited by unavailability of hardware in the market since we develop the solutions to any design problems by ourselves.

Functionality & Sustainability

Revive Kitchens & Bathrooms only uses hardware made in Europe and supplied by top brands, such as Hafele and Blum, which means that the quality of our products is always the best. The hardware itself comes with a lifetime warranty from the supplier. Since we cater to all of the needs of our clients whenever we undertake a custom joinery project, we even offer the option of installation of LED lighting inside cabinets to anyone who may be interested. This means that your shelves and hanging rails will be lit using LED lights. Additionally, LED lights can also be installed on the sides of the cabinets or above and below them. You won’t need the services of an electrician since our wires are preassembled at our factory in such a way that they are not exposed. Not only will we supply the switches and sensors, but we will also install them. A power point, at a spot which is agreed upon, is the only thing we require our clients to take care of since this will be used to connect our systems.

Making good use of our experience, we are able to boost the functionality of entertainment units using the techniques and systems which we have adopted. No one knows the importance of a clean look better than us which is why we have ensured that you do not have to go through the hassle of tending to tangled wires. Overheating is another element which we have taken into account at Revive Kitchens & Bathrooms which is why our systems are specifically designed to prevent overheating with adequate airflow.  Weather conditions are also kept in mind when creating barbecue areas for our clients, which is why we only use the best materials to suit external conditions. We can also ensure sustainability of our materials using techniques to waterproof and heatproof them.


Carefully Crafted & Considered Spaces

The team at Revive Kitchens & Bathrooms, take pride in innovative design. Our professional design team can easily work with a number of materials including mirrors, steel, aluminium, glass, leather, crop plating, copper and brass. Each Project is custom designed to meet the requirements and budget of our clients. At Revive Kitchens & Bathrooms, we guarantee that you will receive the highest quality joinery for your home, with function and style that’s built to last.

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