Initial Meeting

We will arrange to come out and meet up and discuss the project. We put a lot of effort to include as much detail within the quote to highlight exactly what we are pricing on, and what is and what is not included within the scope of work for the project.

Consultation Stage

We are more than happy to provide preliminary pricing services for your project, to help out with the budget, and work our exactly how much the project is going to cost.


We put a lot of effort to include as much detail within the quote to highlight exactly what we are pricing on, and what is and what is not included within the scope of work for the project.

Product Choice

Product choice is entirely up to you. We have an established relationship with various wholesalers and can source cover tiles, vanities, and fittings through our own suppliers. we are able to offer an excellent range of products through our select suppliers of tiles, tapware.

Construction Stage

We complete all of our own carpentry and structural building work, and have a wide variety of sub-contractors that we regularly use for all of our work. We will arrange weekly meetings onsite with our clients to discuss how the project is progressing, and during these meetings any issues that need to be raised can be discussed.

Project Start Meeting

Trades required: Supervisor, Plumber, Electrician, Builder, Designer

Once you have placed the order for your new cabinets, we will be able to give you a date for delivery. Prior to receiving them, your existing cabinets will need to be removed –

You may choose to remove your existing cabinets yourself or just let us take the stress away, removing and disposing of your old kitchen. A plumber and electrician will disconnect all your appliances, sink, tap and gas outlets before the cabinets are removed Removal of the existing cabinets will generally take no longer than one day.

If you are opening up a new window or are removing or building some new walls as part of your kitchen renovation, this is the stage when the majority of structural work will take place. It will need to be scheduled so that it is completed prior to the date the new cabinets are due to be delivered and installed. Rough installs for all plumbing and electrical work should take place at this stage, too, including wiring for your appliances and any new lighting or power points that will be installed.

Now the exciting stuff really starts to happen. Once the necessary building work has been completed, your new kitchen cabinets can be installed. This will take somewhere between one to two days, depending on the size of your kitchen.

If you have chosen a laminate benchtop for your new kitchen, they can usually be manufactured at the same time as your cabinets. This means they can be installed simultaneously by the same tradespeople.

Granite, engineered stone and custom timber benchtops  are all be installed by a specialist. They will need to be measured up and templated first so they can be made exactly to size. Manufacturing time for these benchtops is generally around 5 working days but will vary.

You are almost ready to start using your new kitchen. Once the new benchtops have been installed, your plumber and electrician can come back to install and connect appliances such as the oven, cooktop, sink and tap.

Regardless of what material you choose for a new kitchen splashback, it can only be installed after the benchtops are set. After that, a tiled splashback can be carried out immediately, but a splashback of toughened glass or stone will once again need to be templated and measured by a specialist so it can be made to size. Templating can take place the same day your benchtops are installed and manufacturing and installation time is generally around one to two working days.

Generally, new kitchen flooring is laid after the installation of all other components is done but it can be done before depending on the type of flooring being installed.

If Painting the walls in your kitchen should be the last process in your kitchen renovation. Now there’s only one step remaining.

Gather friends and family around, use your new appliances to prepare and cook up a celebratory meal, and enjoy your wonderful new kitchen.

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