The Ensuite Bathroom

Many people today are opting for ensuite bathrooms. While some homeowners prefer larger spaces, others want compact yet functional areas that will be comfortable and practical to use. We at ReviveKB are a leading company in the kitchen and bathroom remodelling space. We go the extra mile to provide our clients with customised ensuite bathroom designs and plans. Our team of experts has worked with clients across NSW

Professional Ensuite Bathroom Designing Services
With more than 20 years of experience behind us, we have the skills, knowledge, expertise and workforce to handle a variety of bathroom remodelling projects. Our focus is always on ensuring that your ideas and requirements are incorporated into the ensuite bathroom plan that we provide.

Our team of designers will have detailed consultations with you to get a clearer understanding of what your specific requirements are. One of the main decisions that have to be made when creating designs is whether the ensuite will double up as a powder room for your guests. To a certain degree, this aspect will also depend on the layout of your house and your lifestyle.

The Ensuite Bathroom1

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Aspects We Focus On While Designing Ensuite Bathrooms

If this is the case, the location of the ensuite bathroom would have to be such that your guests do not need to access it via the bedroom. However, all of these aspects can come together only when we conduct a detailed survey of the available space. We make sure that various factors are taken into account, and some of the things we focus on when planning your ensuite bathroom include:

  • The layout
  • Amount of storage required
  • Placement of various features
  • Countertop spaces
  • Installation of a bathroom vanity
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Safety
  • Practicality and correct movement flow

The Ensuite Bathroom

Cost-Effective Ensuite Bathroom Installations

We firmly believe in providing our clients value for money. So while maintaining quality, we also ensure that the Sydney ensuite bathroom costs are competitive and that they fit in perfectly into your budget.

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