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Mirrors to finish a stunning design

A mirror in any bathroom will create the appearance of a much larger space. They can create a reflective appearance or be the focal point of the room. In most homes a mirror is an essential functional element, so choosing one that’s right for you is important.

The most common style of mirror is the bevelled edge which is a type of angled finish to the edge of the glass it is a simple yet very elegant style that is suitable for just about any space you have. There are a great range of bevelled edge mirrors to choose from in our range online. There is also a selection of fashion designer styles and framed styles. That will complete the finishing touch on any space or room in your home. Mirrors are a great look in any room of your house.


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Shaving Cabinets

A bathroom is incomplete without a shaving cabinet that provides enough useable storage and enhances the design of your bathroom. Just imagine you have a beautiful bathroom that is covered from top to the bottom with toiletries, shaving cream, makeup, razors and more. It looks awkward!

However, with a shaving cabinet in your bathroom, all these essential things can be stored properly without any clutter in your bathroom vanity cabinets.

Bath cabinets or shaving cabinets offer plenty of space to store the essentials that you require every morning in your bathroom. These cabinets aid in keeping your vanity’s top surface free from things, along with a stunning and highly useful mirror, which is essential for any bathroom.

If you’re thinking of buying bathroom cabinets online, Reive Bathrooms is the company you can trust. Our stylish yet quality shaving cabinets are designed to provide extra space and are durable that can withstand a high level of moisture in any bathroom.

Choosing a good quality shaving cabinet will not only allow you to hide a multitude of flaws but also ensure maintaining a neat look in great style.


A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Mirror

‘The addition of a mirror is a must in every bathroom’; this is about the only piece of information that some homeowners are aware of, while picking the right type, style, and size has their heads in a tizzy! If you are a part of this group of people, we don’t blame you for feeling the pressure of making the right decision when choosing a mirror for your bathroom. There are a number of things to factor in when picking a bathroom mirror that will impact the space in the best (or worst) way possible. From functionality to aesthetics; we will help you choose the right piece by covering various aspects of bathroom mirrors, as well as the space they are intended for.Here is ReviveKB guide on how to choose the perfect bathroom mirror for your home.

Consider Your Bathroom Style

First things first; bathroom mirrors correlate with the new or existing style of the space. If you are starting over with a completely new bathroom renovation then you have a wider variety of choices and decor styles. If you are matching an existing style then some choice limitations may come into play. The last thing you want is for your mirror to stick out like a sore thumb in the beautiful bathroom setting you have created.

Pretty much every aspect of your bathroom contributes to its overall style – the décor, colours, textures, hardware, and lighting. Based on how these components are chosen, they come together to create a specific bathroom style such as minimalistic, luxurious, Venetian-inspired, futuristic, etc. Note that every bathroom mirror can be matched with one or more bathroom styles and hence, must be considered when choosing the right piece for your space.

When you have determined the style of your bathroom, you can start looking into the different types/styles of bathroom mirrors that are trending today.

Modern Bathroom inside brand new North American residence.

What Type of Bathroom Mirror Should I Buy?

Simply put, a vanity mirror is meant to be hung above the sink or basin area, proportionately centred between the vanity lighting and sink. They are perhaps the most common type of bathroom mirror and are available in a large variety of styles and sizes. They can be a large single wall mirror or twin pairing directly over each basin in a master ensuite.

Vanity Mirrors

Today, bathroom mirrors come in various types and every imaginable style (largely associated with the frame design). To make it simpler for you to understand what type of mirror you require for your bathroom, we have categorised bathroom mirrors below. Bear in mind that the type of bathroom mirror for your space must be chosen to complement existing styles; the shape will depend on functionality and individuality, and the size must be proportionate to other elements while providing functionality.

Ledge Mirrors

Equipped with a ledge at the bottom of the mirror, they are more functional and decorative than traditional bathroom mirrors. You can place a small plant pot on the ledge along with a cup to hold toothbrushes.

Cabinet Mirrors

These are made from different types of materials – wood, plastic, or metal – and offer additional storage. They are often used in bathrooms with little or no counter space and typically hold dental hygiene products, skin care products, basically any incidentals you may wish to easily hide away.

Frameless Mirrors

As the name suggests, there is no frame around these types of mirrors, leaving you with a clean, simple design that perfectly blends in with minimalistic and contemporary bathroom interiors.

3D render of the bathroom without color and textures. Interior design of a bathroom is depicted in the polygon mesh

Framed Mirrors

To add character and design, framed mirrors are available in an endless list of materials, styles, patterns, colours, and more. When looking for a framed bathroom mirror to match your bathroom style, there will be countless options to choose from.

Lighted & LED Illuminated Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors that feature light(s) on either the front or back of the piece are categorised as lighted mirrors. They are functional and aesthetically pleasing to use in a bathroom space and work well in a variety of bathroom styles. Hollywood vanity, front-lit and back-lit mirrors are perhaps the most common of these types of illuminated mirrors. When you have determined the style of your bathroom, you can start looking into the different types/styles of choosing a modern bathroom mirror with lights and other design points to consider.

Extendable Mirrors

Attached to an extension arm that retracts like a car jack (only horizontally in this case), these mirrors are perfect for corner spaces and require very little wall space as the mirror itself extends away from the wall. Illuminated options are great for make-up and shaving.

What is the Ideal Mirror Shape for My Bathroom?

The shape of a bathroom mirror can really set the tone for the rest of the space. From a creative perspective, there is so much you can do with differently-shaped bathroom mirrors in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Let’s take a look at some excellent options for you to choose from.

Round, Oval or Curved Mirrors

Regardless of their frame (if they have one), round bathroom mirrors or those with curves have instant appeal and are visually pleasing due to the simplicity and softness of the design.  Compared to shapes with sharp lines, round mirrors do not take up as much wall space which is suitable in bathrooms where walls are seemingly cramped up, or you wish to expose more of the wall tiles.


Square or Rectangular Mirrors

The obvious perk with square or rectangular mirrors is a wider angle which, in turn, reflects more light. They do a better job of opening up bathroom spaces, and add more functionality. Bathroom mirrors with sharp lines are easier to blend in with various interior décor styles and are available in several types, styles, and sizes.

Unique & Ornate Shapes

Many homeowners like to express their individuality through the shape of the bathroom mirror they choose. Similarly, some of us just want to think outside the box and go with unique mirror shapes for a bathroom space. It is a great way of adding a statement piece to your bathroom while also giving the room more character. Ornate mirrors, on the other hand, feature distinctive shapes and (typically) over-the-top frame designs. They are commonly used in old fashion bathroom settings with antique-style hardware and fittings.

What Size Bathroom Mirror Do I Need?

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, there is no one size fits all. Every bathroom space is unique, as is one’s personal taste and creative ideas. With that said, there are some things you need to consider (where size is concerned) in order to ensure that your new bathroom mirror is the perfect fit for your space.


Unless a bathroom mirror is fitted from wall-to-wall, it should be proportionate to the rest of the space, particularly the vanity. From an aesthetic perspective, it is more desirable to have a bathroom mirror that is narrower than the width of the vanity, and placed at an equal distance from the lighting fixture and sink (unless it is a small-sized mirror). The size should also be proportionate to the ceiling; for example, a high ceiling would require a full-length or vertical mirror or else it will look a little lost in the room.



As we mentioned earlier, mirrors are useful in opening up bathroom spaces while serving their true purpose – providing functionality. The height and width of the bathroom mirror you choose will depend on the viewing angles you wish to gain from it for self-grooming, as well as to reflect more light in the space.

Wall Space

If you don’t have a lot of wall space, you may be forced to purchase a small bathroom mirror. On the other hand, even a small bathroom can incorporate a wall-to-wall vanity mirror provided that there are no fittings or wall fixtures getting in the way. Therefore, you need to consider the amount of wall space you have above your vanity and how much of it can accommodate a mirror without looking cluttered.

Bathroom Size

Along with the factors mentioned above, it’s important to keep the size of your bathroom in mind when choosing the perfect mirror size for the space. You can either hit or miss with your choice and therefore, must put enough thought into what you want to achieve with the mirror. For example, if you wish to create the illusion of more space, pick a large bathroom mirror to open up space, or if you have a low ceiling, a horizontal mirror that is fitted within equal distance from the basin and ceiling is advised. Overall, the size of the mirror should be proportionate to the size of the bathroom.

With this information in your back pocket, you can go about choosing the perfect bathroom mirror with confidence! Of course.

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