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Revive Kitchens designs and manufactures stylish, durable and highly functional outdoor kitchens. We’ll make your custom-made outdoor kitchen and turn your dream into a reality. Not all outdoor kitchens are similar. Our outdoor kitchens have the attractiveness of an indoor kitchen and at the same time, they can be easily hosed out enabling effortless cleaning.

Give Revive Kitchens the opportunity to design your home’s outdoor kitchen. You’ll be able to utilise the Sunshine and make the most of it by entertaining your friends and family in style with a new custom made outdoor kitchen. We have experienced designers who will work with you to make sure the design suits your personal taste, decor and entertaining requirements. We’ll custom design your outdoor kitchen so that it rightly fits into the outer area, which will at once add charm and value to your sweet home.


We Design Beautiful Custom Outdoor Kitchen for the Modern Lifestyle.

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Revive Kitchens can bring your dream outdoor kitchen design to life enabling you to live a superior outdoor lifestyle. Enjoy the company of your friends and family with our exceptional alfresco kitchen. We provide all you want to change that area into the outdoor living space you were dreaming about. We have transformed hundreds of backyards and gardens across Sydney into little pieces of paradise. All of our kitchens are perfectly created from materials selected to stand up to our challenging Australian climate.

Revive Kitchens designs custom-made outdoor kitchens and cabinets and manufactures locally, which means your choice of style, size and appliances are restricted just by your imagination and not by modular limitations. We use high-quality materials in our kitchens that are weatherproof and perfect for both kitchen areas. Our 100% weatherproof kitchens are made locally and available Australia-wide.

We have everything from barbeques, range hoods and pizza ovens to refrigerators, wine fridges and other kitchen appliances to make your outdoor kitchen as simple and functional or fully equipped.

To deliver alfresco kitchens in a huge range of styles and budgets, we make use of a variety of materials to design. We offer a comprehensive outdoor living solution for your home. You can choose from our stylish, highly sought after packages or work with us to design a custom alfresco kitchen as per your precise needs where you have an unmatched choice of outdoor kitchen design, outdoor kitchen cabinets, colour and outdoor appliances.

How Do We Design and
Build Your Outdoor Kitchen?

  • The first thing that we need is your design and measurements for your outdoor kitchen, you can either email us or send us via fax.
  • Once we have that we will provide you with an estimate of the cost based on the design and measurements.
  • The second important thing that we need to know is, where are you going to have your outdoor kitchen? Will it be under a covered area like alfresco or patio?
  • The answer to this question will determine what materials we need to use for your outdoor kitchen, as if the kitchen is going to be exposed to the elements then we need to choose waterproof doors and cabinets.
  • Then we design your kitchen and send you for your approval, once we get your confirmation the kitchen then goes into production and your dream kitchen becomes a reality!
Farah Merhi's L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens are Great For Entertainment & Leisure

Building or renovating a small kitchen on a budget is mostly a matter of balancing your finances with the right things.
Customers have the option to mix and match so as to keep their overall costs down. They can accomplish this by mixing high-end goods with cheaper alternatives - For Our customers tell us that when you have your own outdoor kitchen a completely new world of family fun and entertainment awaits you. Certainly, you deserve to enjoy the advantages that thousands of families have already uncovered.
If you want to design your custom outdoor kitchen, pick up your phone and dial us at 0426 000 911 for a speedy response. Alternatively, you can fill our contact us form for a no obligation free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered below some frequently asked questions, but if you cannot find an answer to your specific question, then please call us at Revive Kitchens on 0426 000 911 to enquire or book a free consultation online.

How much will it cost to build an outdoor kitchen?

The cost of building your outdoor kitchen depends on available space, materials you intend to use, specific inclusions you require such as BBQ, sink, gas burner, fridge, boiling/cold water filter, bin etc., and your budget. Please refer to our outdoor kitchen quote page for more details.

What is the ideal size for an outdoor kitchen?

The widely used outdoor kitchens sizes are small (10′ long) and medium (16′ long). Both outfitted with a cooktop, grill, storage, and sink. However, a medium-size outdoor kitchen is also integrated with a refrigerator. The standard height for an outdoor kitchen benchtop is 36″ tall.

In offering our clients with custom made outdoor kitchens, ensure you can find a Kitchen to fit any space and incorporate the inclusions that fit your needs.

What does outdoor kitchen installation involve?

An outdoor kitchen installation will typically include bench spaces, BBQs, bar fridges, kitchen sinks, heating and coffee machines, range hoods, stovetops, ovens, dishwashers, permanent cupboards and lighting. In terms of process, generally we will schedule delivery of your kitchen cabinetry, followed by installation of the cabinets and lastly the benchtop will be installed by our qualified Stone Mason.

Do you install the BBQ's, fridge, and other appliances?

In most of the cases, we do not install. The quote includes a handling and delivery charge for the appliances. The kitchen appliances are left in their original packaged boxes so that they remain protected until the benchtop gets installed. Once your electrician installs the power-point in the right place, then the fridge needs to be placed into its position. The plumber will set the BBQ by connecting to the gas; besides, taps installed by plumbers. The kitchen sink will be installed by the stonemason or plumber. Revive Kitchens can include a return trip if needed to help with the positioning of appliances and remove the boxes at an added cost. Please confirm with your project coordinator or single point of contact.

How long will my outdoor kitchen last?

Well, your outdoor kitchen will continue to serve you as long as you regularly maintain it. However, you may have to change the parts such as drawer runners and hinges at some point, the built-in structure of your outdoor kitchen should last you for many years.

Who arranges for the plumber and electrician for installation?

You are free to use your own trusted local tradesmen; alternatively, we can arrange them for you.

How much time is required to build an outdoor kitchen?

Average time required to build an outdoor kitchen may vary from three weeks to three months or more. To make sure your outdoor kitchen is ready when you need it, you should start the process at the earliest, the moment you have decided to commit to the project. Ensuring ample time is given to manufacture your outdoor Kitchen to meet your required deadline.

What type of benchtop is ideal for an outdoor kitchen?

An engineered stone benchtop such as Caesarstone, granite and stainless-steel materials are an excellent choice for an outdoor kitchen benchtop. Stainless steel and glass provide durable doors, but you have more alternatives. Besides, as an outdoor kitchen specialist, we can provide you with highly water-resistant powder-coated doors and drawer fronts that are best suited for outdoor use.

If your benchtop is exposed to natural materials such as sunlight and rain, it is recommended to select granite or a more natural stone. Obtain a benchtop quote online to get ready made or custom made outdoor kitchen benchtops of your preferred shape from Revive Kitchens!

Do I need council approval for my outdoor kitchen?

In some cases, you need to take council approval. It is your responsibility to make sure that your outdoor kitchen installation adheres to the local council and gas regulations relevant in your state.

Are you Australia Wide?

We service only NSW (New South Wales) as of now.

Does my outdoor kitchen require any special maintenance?

Well, special maintenance is not required. You can maintain benchtops, cabinets and other surfaces with a simple cleaning. You will need soapy water and a moist cloth to clean and remove dust, dirt and grease from most of the areas.

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