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Beautiful Impressions with Modern Tapware

Do you want to give your bathroom and kitchen an efficient yet a stylish look? Incorporating modern kitchen and bathroom tapware is a great way to enhance the overall look of your bathroom & kitchen space. The simple looking tapware can make your space look simply WOW! If you want to wrap up some outstanding style in your kitchen and bathroom space, Revive Bathrooms in Sydney has an extensive range of kitchen and bathroom tapware that will complement any kitchen and bathroom design that you wish to create whether it’s a modern, traditional, contemporary, functional, chic or elegant look. It all starts with a great idea, a great range of products to choose from an amazing bathroom and kitchen tapware from leading Australian manufacturers.

Revive Bathrooms has an array of stunning kitchen and bathroom tapware for every taste, budget and style. We source our range from manufacturers around Australia and import some styles. Our range consists of some of the latest European trends and finishes to offer a variety to our customers. We supply top quality tapware from the best tapware suppliers such as Dorf, Caroma, Hafele, Stylus, Irwell, Novelli Methven and Bastow.

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While it is significant to choose tapware that is easy to operate, you would also want it to complement the style of your bathroom and kitchen space. Look no further than Revive Bathrooms when buying premium quality bathroom & kitchen tapware in Sydney!

Our inspiring bathroom and kitchen tapware range can integrate an eye-catching element to your space.

Kitchen & Bathroom Mixer Taps

A bathroom and kitchen are among the most important spaces in any home and that’s the reason it is important to adorn it with ideal mixer taps. Mixer taps play a significant role in adding modernity and convenience hence it is essential to choose a right type of mixer tap that can enhance the look of your space. There are varied types of kitchen and bathroom mixers available that include shower mixer, sink mixer, basin mixer and more. If you’re looking for a mixer tap with great functionality and stylish looks then Revive Bathrooms is your one-stop destination. To buy a stylish and functional mixer tap for your bathroom or kitchen, visit our online store to view mixer tap options.

Bath Spouts

Revive Bathrooms bring to you the finest bath spouts from varied reputed brands. Bath spouts can give your bathroom an outstanding touch. Choosing an elegant and functional bath spout is essential to enhance your bathroom’s design. Various designs and styles of tub spouts, bath spouts and sink spouts are available at Revive Bathrooms, which can assist you to get a beautiful bathroom. These sturdy bath spouts are one of the best options to obtain a soothing and relaxing ambience in your bathroom. In order to experience a comforting atmosphere in your bathroom, buy bath spout online from Revive Bathrooms at attractive prices that renders optimal practicality.

Bathroom & Kitchen Basin Mixer Taps

From pillar taps to mixer taps, basin taps include an array of beautiful tapware. There is a wide range of basin mixer taps available at Revive Bathrooms in different finishes and design styles that can enable you to build a bathroom that is truly you. Basin mixer sets come with adjustable cartridges to control the temperature and maximum water flow to be set for single lever mixers. Buying basin mixer set for your bathroom or kitchen can reduce water wastage and help regulate water usage. Prior to your purchase, match the size of the new mixer tap to your basin’s counter to ensure it fits perfectly.

Shower Tapware

Bring the best design and functionality to your bathroom with trendy shower tapware. Shower mixer taps can be chosen to match the style of your bathroom. At Revive Bathrooms, shower mixers are available in both tap and mixer configuration with modern designs. If you want to buy shower mixers, which doesn’t require maintenance then opt for ceramic disc units that are in the trend.

Kitchen & Laundry Tapware

It is imperative to find the right tapware for your kitchen or laundry setting whether you’re building new, renovating or replacing your old taps. Revive Bathrooms bring to you the widest selection of kitchen and vanity mixers suitable for all kitchen layouts. You can choose from fixed spout taps, swivel spouts and pull out mixer spouts, and more. A swivel spout is the most practical choice for the double sink as it can be operated in both sinks. At Revive Bathrooms, you can buy vanity mixer taps, pull out mixer taps at attractive prices, and experience the ease of dishwashing, and finish other chores in a hassle free way.

Pillar Taps

These taps have been commonly used for a long time. They can be mounted on your basin or your bath. These can be separately mounted for hot and cold water temperatures. These taps can work on a lever to turn the water on and off. Due to the available options, you can choose from various designs, such as a gentle push handle or a crossbar, as per your convenience.
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Mixer Taps

These taps are also one of the most traditionally used tapware options. They contain separate pillar sprouts for hot and cold waters, but instead of separate faucets, they have a single one. With temperature control options, you can get the desired and consistent temperature of the water.
You can also opt for a single lever mixer taps rather than separate pillar taps and manually turn the hot and cold water on and off for the desired mixture. It is advised to replace your single taps with mixture ones for convenience purposes.

Floor Mounted Taps

You’ve often gazed at the spacious bathroom interior designs where the bathtub is placed in the middle of the bathroom floor and may have wondered where the taps are hooked up in these fancy spaces? These are the most newly developed tapware. The tap’s body stands tall from the floor to the bathtub top, and the fixtures can be directed wherever you’d like them to.

Wall Mounted Taps

These taps are most ideally designed for your bathroom or sink where the tap is directly connected to the plumbing of your home, and only the tapware is visible on the wall exterior. These taps are easy to clean but hard to maintain.

Monobloc Taps

Monobloc taps are the modern replacement to the mixer taps. These taps use a single sprout for both hot and cold water. The lever is mounted parallel to the faucet, which is for adjusting the temperature. You can accordingly adjust the temperature of water by turning the lever to the right or the left. These are the most commonly opted choices for the bathroom. There is a wide availability of these tapware online.

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