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Creating a design that’s both practical and modern can be challenging – everything from cabinetry styles to colour choices can expand a small cooking space. Many of the modern small kitchen renovations blend smart small kitchen renovation ideas and the newest in technology for space-saving appliances.

With Revive Kitchens vast experience, we can help you get beautiful and highly functional small kitchen designs on a budget in Sydney. We provide the option for semi-renovations as well. Moreover, we can source quality materials to match existing kitchen design.


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Small Kitchen Design Ideas in Sydney

  • Small kitchen remodels only require some smart design ideas to make them convenient, highly functional and trendy.
  • There are numerous simple ways to convert your small kitchen into a modish and practical space. There are specific kitchen designs for small space that work better for small areas and many ways for making your small apartment kitchen design feel spacious.
  • Choose from small U shaped kitchen designs, small L shaped kitchen designs that are just great for a small kitchen space.
  • At Revive Kitchens, we have a team of highly experienced design professionals to discuss with the client their options such as existing and potential plumbing situation, type of finishes, alternative material options, hardware etc., which will open the door to many different budget scenarios and receive insightful ideas to cut down expenses.
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If you are looking for a budget kitchen Sydney, then Revive Kitchens is one of the renowned names in the kitchen design industry on whom you can trust. Revie Kitchens have the expertise to transform a small kitchen area to spacious kitchen area that’s not only highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing. In fact, there is nothing more delightful than a small spacious kitchen.

If you don’t want to undertake a complete small kitchen renovation then Revive Kitchens have an option for semi-renovations for you, which will include replacement of single cabinets, or replacement of only doors or just kitchen benchtop. Whether you want to reface, replace or just paint, we can perform it with a professional touch.

In Small kitchen Design & Renovation, We Can -

  • Provide the option of supply only products such as laminated benchtops, hence saving the customer on labour costs.
  • Supply and install a variety of cabinetry and benchtops.
  • Source cheaper prices for big brands in small goods, such as kitchen sinks, tapware and appliances.
  • Sell small items individually for minor renovations that include hinges, handles, other hardware etc.
  • Install and reposition pipes, drains, fixtures and hot water systems as required.
  • Install appliances and fittings that include dishwashers, sinks, taps, water filters and garbage disposals.

Budget Kitchen / Renovation Cost in Sydney

Building or renovating a small kitchen on a budget is mostly a matter of balancing your finances with the right things.
Customers have the option to mix and match so as to keep their overall costs down. They can accomplish this by mixing high-end goods with cheaper alternatives - For example, polyurethane cabinetry with laminated bench tops.
Our company has in house project estimators who can provide free consultations in the showroom. (Located at Suite #1020 79-83 Longueville Road Lane Cove, NSW 2066) So visit us if you want a quote estimate for your small kitchen makeovers Sydney or call us on 0426 000 911 to discuss regarding your query.
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Small Kitchens
Renovation Sydney

When it comes to budget kitchen renovation Sydney, many choices exist for small kitchen designs and solutions to expand storage in your kitchen; however, you may want expert recommendations to transform your small kitchen into a spacious, convenient and practical kitchen.

Quick, handy & inexpensive ways to renovate your small kitchen

In-depth kitchen renovations are pricier; however, you don’t need to spend a huge chunk of money just to renovate your dated kitchen so as to make a big impact. Regardless of whether you have lived in your home for several years or just grabbed the keys, here are some simple ways to revive it:

  • Add a splashback.
  • Change or even remove cabinet doors.
  • Paint your cabinets.
  • Paint an accent wall.
  • Consider hanging window treatments.
  • Change the bench top.
  • Buy new handles and pulls.
  • In front of the sink, place a rug.
  • Hang a pendant light.
We use laminated benchtops to save our customer on labour costs.
Benefits of Small Kitchen –
Best Budget Kitchen for Your Apartment
  • Small kitchens are of low cost. The kitchen is the pricier remodel in the house. Keeping the space small lowers the use of pricier materials, cutting down on your overall cost.
  • Small kitchens require less space. While many kitchens are far bigger than required, a small kitchen can be perfect for your needs. However, when renovating, you can shrink the kitchen space, which will provide space for other areas of your house such as bedroom, living room etc. Reducing your kitchen size may also provide you with a whole new room like a guest bathroom.
  • Small kitchens are ergonomically better. Still, the old rule of kitchen triangle is very much valid - the work triangle is highly-functional and conveniently integrated, providing practical use of the space during preparing food.

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